sunnuntai 15. joulukuuta 2013

runo Roosalle

It's storming inside of my soul
I can’t find peace anywhere
When I close my eyes I only see
the pain in your beautiful face

It's so hard to believe
that when I'm breathing
You’re not here anymore

You were my soulsister
and you still are
At the same moment so close
and so far

“everything will turn out better”
is that right?
was it or not
I’m going to fight

Fight against the fear
against the despair
against the darkness
But not the tears

I have the right to cry
the yearning doesn’t go away
I have the right to ask why 
why things had to go this way 

Even though you’re not here anymore
You’re living inside of my heart
And this time I am more than sure
you’ll live there the rest of my life

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